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Bug Soother Packs
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Bug Soother Packs
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Bug Soother Small Family Pack
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Bug Soother Small Family Pack
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Bug Soother, A DEET Free Bug Repellent, created for kids, pets, AND adults.

Gnats, no see ums and mosquitoes will not be a problem this year.

Bug Soother is a natural* bug repellent: a blend of vanilla and fresh lemony scents that smells great, but bugs hate.
It leaves no oily residue like other products. DEET free and safe for children and pets when used as directed. Bug Soother is a natural,* skin-loving product.

When fishing, hiking, golfing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, apply Bug Soother.​ Try it as a bug repellent for your horses, too!

Bug Soother is proudly made in the USA by Simply Soothing, an Iowa based business.


“This stuff REALLY works. My husband just mowed the lawn and for the first time ever he was not attacked by those pesky gnats!"


We live on an acreage with two ponds and constantly are fighting the gnats and mosquitoes while fishing or doing yard work. We love, love, love this product, not only does it work, but has a great refreshing citrus scent which is nice when sweating out in the garden!

Jenni Y.

I fell in love with this product the first time I used it! Not only does it work absolutely phenomenally, it smells great! Plus, I can put it on my kids... The dogs don't seem to mind it, either. The skeeters are pretty thick out here, but we are doing great this year! I love this stuff!

- Katy C.