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Scent Descriptions

Essential Oils

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Bath & Body Products

  • Almond - blend of cherry, rose, lilac, and jasmine notes on a sweet almond background.
  • Baby Powder - soft, gentle floral blend with an undertone of ylang . Will leave you looking for the baby!
  • Basil Sage Mint - A soft, herbal scent with the right combination of these three herbs to make a wonderful scent.
  • Black Cherry - A strong fruity note with slight touches of orange, peach, strawberry, banana, and vanilla.
  • Buttercream Crunch - creamy coconut, sugary sweet maple and rich better mingle with a heart of fresh ginger, nutmeg and decadent cocoa, with a touch of vanilla.
  • Butt Naked -people pick this one up, curious about the name. Tropical, with banana, pineapple, coconut, mango. Named from a drink.
  • Cappuccino - sweet hot dessert coffee.
  • Cinnamon Buns - this is incredible. Head to the mall and get a fresh, warm cinnamon sticky bun drizzled with sweet white frosting.
  • Cinnamon Red Hots - just like the candies.
  • Cinnamon Sticks - very strong cinnamon with pronounced woody notes, like a natural stick.
  • Dreamsicle - another favorite. Orange peels and lemon zests sweetened by shaved coconut and French vanilla. Most of us think of the orange creamsicle from the old days.
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee - a real eye opener, without the caffeine. Strong, black Columbian coffee scent.
  • Fresh Linen - crisp, billowing breezes carry accords of light floral blossoms, soft rose, green grass, lily and jasmine, with violets, fresh cedar and sweet musk.
  • Grandma’s Kitchen - richly spiced gingerbread with just the right hint of sweetness. Clove, cinnamon, and vanilla, straight from grandma’s kitchen.
  • Happy Holidays - The fresh wintery scent of Christmas Tree pine and a hint of clove.
  • Harvest - the all time favorite. Nice fall blend of orange, grapefruit, and clove People get a whiff of this and they are hooked.
  • Hot Apple Pie - very popular, just the right blend of warm apples, spices and home baked pie crust.
  • Hot Fudge Brownie - really does smell exactly like brownies right out of the oven!
  • Juniper Breeze Type - just like the Bath and Body type, very smooth and fresh. Not a perfumy floral, very pleasant. An ozony blend of floral, green and fruity notes with a slight musk undertone. One of our most popular fresh scents.
  • Key Lime Pie - deliciously lime, with a hint of vanilla.
  • Lavender - very true herbal lavender, very strong
  • Lavender Basil - a touch of basil to soften the lavender. Clean and soothing.
  • Lemon Bundt Cake - the name says it all. My personal favorite.
  • Lilac and Lily - the best of both flowers.
  • Lily of the Valley - English wildflower lends the woods a sweet, magical fragrance. Blend of white flowers and lilies.
  • Lovespell Type - like the Victoria’s Secret scent. A blend of Cherry blossom, Muguet, Red apple, Georgia peach, with hints of Tamarind and Blondewood.
  • Mac Apple - dead on MacIntosh apple scent.
  • Mistletoe - perfectly fresh evergreen, kissed by berries and a sprinkle of spice.
  • Mulberry - a big seller. Classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon sticks, wild berries, and bitter orange peels.
  • North Woods - Balsam Pine and lightly scented spiced cranberry. Surprisingly pleasant and refreshing, puts an exciting twist on pine!
  • Nutty Taffy Apple - another favorite. Sweet, crunchy and fruity, caramel taffy with nuts.
  • Passionate Kisses Type - wow, this one is great. Very popular Victoria Secrets scent. Sweet and sexy.
  • Patchouli - deep earthy, musky scent. Popular in the 70’s.
  • Peppermint - fresh, clean cool and minty. A true, sharp pepperment.
  • Pina Coloda - just like the drink. Tropical blend of pineapple, almond and coconut.
  • Pink Sugar Type - playful blend of vanilla and caramel, with notes of Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig leaves, Lily of the Valley, Licorice, Strawberry, Red fruit, Cotton candy, Tonka, Caramel, Musk, Sandalwood, Powder.
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake - an amazing blend of pumpkin, spices and creamy cheesecake. Unbelievable!
  • Purley Herbal - clean, fresh and invigorating, just like the Herbal Essence shampoo.
  • Rose Petals - a floral bouquet reminiscent of fresh picked red rose petals, jasmine blossom, and bitter geranium.
  • Sandalwood - strong woody fragrance. Rich, sweet, earthy scent.
  • Sex on the Beach - one of our most popular, Whether because of the name or scent, not sure. This is just like the drink. Just like the drink! A bouquet with fruity and floral notes along with spices and vanilla.
  • Spiced Cranberry - very strong scent. Crisp tart cranberry with a spicy flair.
  • Strawberries and Champagne - A juicy fruit aroma with sparkling effervescent notes on a warm, sensual background that closely mimics the popular Victoria's Secret fragrance.
  • Strawberries and Cream - sweet and light blend of strawberry and creamy vanilla.
  • Sugar Plum - nice bouquet mixed with berries and some subtle spice notes drying to a soft vanilla background.
  • Sweet Pea Type - a Bath and Body scent, floral smell of violets,sweet peas, watery pear, logan berry, Freesia, Cyclamen, Raspberry, Musk.
  • Turkish Hazelnut Cafe - wow, one of my favorites. A blend of rich coffee, hazelnuts.
  • Twigs and Berries - a perfect primitive scent. Woodsy notes mingle with succulent red berries, you will be transported to a cozy cabin in the woods!
  • Very Berry - a scrumptious mix of Mulberry and Cranberry with a splash of orange and a touch of Vanilla.
  • Very Vanilla - very warm, rich, sweet, high powered vanilla.
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar - a Bath and Body scnet. Rich decadent caramel, vanilla cream and burnt sugar, destined to become your new favorite.
  • Yuletide - This scent reminds you of a holiday gift basket filled with citrus fruits and spices.