Mice Be Gone Mice Repellent

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If the weather is getting cooler, be sure you have Mice Be Gone on hand! This natural, plant-based mice deterrent features strong-smelling peppermint essential oil, which irritate their nasal cavities and deter them from entering your home. It's pleasant for humans, too - it doesn't smell like ammonia or mothballs!

Inside our muslin pouches, you'll find crushed corn cobs (which helps soak in the peppermint oil for long-lasting protection), making this a natural, safe, and effective product for many areas in or around your home including:

  • tractors & farm equipment
  • cars & garages
  • attics & pantries
  • sheds & barns
  • campers
  • basements & crawl spaces

Our Mice Be Gone repellent works best in smaller areas, and may require more than one pouch to be effective. Each pouch lasts 2-3 months - smell may fade and may not be as effective to rodents.

We offer Mice Be Gone in 1 pouch or 4 pouch sizes. Our pouches are built for quick, do-it-yourself use. Simply place pouch in areas you want to keep mice out. 

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